For many years Reverberi Enetec has paid great attention to energy and energy saving matters.

Reverberi Enetec is result of an harmonious synergy between R&D technical skills, market experience and know how, generated by two companies, leaders in lighting control sectors for over 30 years.


Street lighting

Remote control and dimming to reduce energy costs: saving improving service


The technology to run safely tunnel lighting systems. Always updated with the latest standards

City beautification and indoor

When mixing light and color is the main target of a valuable project
Reverberi Enetec brings into its products the experience of specialists and professionals.

The products of the EDI range are the result of experience in the field for technicians and professionals that supports from many years the realization of photovoltaic systems.



Often the energy self-sufficiency is a mirage for the industry: how to avoid to depend from the cost of oil

Public administration

The engagement to reduce emissions into the atmosphere is a must for P.A., which has be equipped with solar roofs in considerable quantities


Even the individual home may invest in a PV system is a profitable investment for the environment and wallet