Al Ittihiad Road Interchange Dubai (UAE) L20 luminance meter and Reverberi controllers for lighting control in tunnel
L20 luminance meter and Reverberi controllers for lighting control in tunnel

Al Ittihad Road corridor is a major highway linking Al Garhood Bridge with Sharjah crossing Dubai Deira.
As one of the busiest and most important road corridors in Dubai it will improve Al Ittihad's capacity and reduce delays around Dubai Airport and the very centre of Dubai.
The Tunnel was opened for traffic in May 2010.

The solution

The Lighting control system controls the lighting in 4 day‐time steps and two night time steps. The control is based on the L20 measurement in the approach zone of the tunnel.
The L20 luminance meter is backed up by a photocell measuring the illuminance near the entrance. Should L20 and the PE‐cell not work the PLC calculates, based on history and the astronomical time clock, the approach luminance. Triple redundancy! Everything is monitored by a local PLC capable of communicating to a RTA control centre. All parameters and historical data can be accessed by a local industrial PC touch screen.

The voltage of each lighting distribution panel is stabilised and if required dimmed with 5 Reverberi STB 8/36/45kVA Precision Power Controllers.
Stabilisation accuracy is +/‐ 1% phase independent. The Efficiency of the system is >98%. No harmonics are introduced with this transformer based technology.
The system has no moving parts which require maintenance. The controllers are equipped with an automatic by‐pass system and a performance mentoring system.

The control system will save 25‐30% of energy and it will double the HPS lamp life including the life of all other luminaire components. This will reduce the operational cost substantially and contribute to a cleaner environment.