Migros Shop, Nussbaumen Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a shop
Migros Shop, Nussbaumen - Intelux controllers for lights intelligent management in a shop

The Migros shop in Nussbaumen (Switzerland) is on of the typical class "M" sales outlets of the Migros Argovia/Solothurna co-operative. After the lighting plant was modernised in 1991, it was noted that the lighting level output was too high: more than 1'000 lux versus the normal 550 lux normally used in other Migros sales outlets. For this reason the management decided to install a lighting control system which would mean considerable energy savings while being reliable and simply in its application.

The solution

In 1992, from the vast experience in their branches in Brugg, Buchs and Rohr b. Aarau, Migros also decided to install the lighting control system with Intelux products in their centre in Nussbaumen. The 26 lines were alternately loaded with 14 or 51 fluorescent tubes of 36 W, meaning a total of 719 lamps for an overall installed power of about 30 kW. An electronic controller, of suitable power (according to charge) was mounted at inlet of each line. One single pre-set CCU, fitted with voltage stabilisation, controls all the controllers, making them work at 43% of maximum power, which in practise means a light output control of 50%. The natural deterioration of the lamps and the decrease in light flux output is automatically compensated by the system, which gradually restores the pre-set lighting levels. In addition, controlled lighting has increased lamp life by 50%.

The benefits

The energy saving obtained from lighting control, is equivalent to 57% of installed power. This factor, combined with longer lamp life, reduced maintenance costs, greater lamp efficiency means a return in capital investment of under 2 years. Thanks to these delightful results the system was then installed in other centres of the same group. Now there are 10 Migros shopping centres which use Intelux control.

Application technical details
Working hours 3614 h
Consumption without INTELUX p.a. 109.135 kWh
Consumption with INTELUX p.a. 46.885 kWh
Energy Savings 62.250 kWh
Energy costs per KWh 0.14 EUR/kWh
Energy costs p.a. 8.715 EUR/year
Total saving 8715 EUR/year
Investment cost 16.617 CHF
Investment return time 1.9 years