Tito Speri tunnel, Brescia (Italy) Intelligent management in urban tunnel with Intelux SC controllers
Intelligent management in urban tunnel with Intelux SC controllers - Tito Speri tunnel - Brescia (Italy)
The experience

Tito Speri Tunnel, in Brescia, is one of the best result the Public Administration obtained, using the new electronic technologies. To assure a more pleasant transit the Municipal Administration charged Jorrit Tornquist, a skilled colour artist, to decorate the inner walls with high visual effect polychrome ornaments.

The solution

The tunnel is 430 meters in length structured with central roadway, on the straightaway axis, and two side pavements. During the day and the night, lighting is permanent, but not always at the same lighting level and presenting some "reinforcements" at the entry and exit: a total of six luminaries batteries (three per each entry).
The Digital Illuminance Sensor (SDL), enables the lighting flux intensity of all the tunnel lighting lines, operating both on the permanent lighting and the reinforcement one to fit the inner lighting flux to the external light. It controls the reinforcement lighting lines connecting when the exterior luminance requires it, keeping the opportunity to set the lighting flux. When the first line works at 100%, or if the external luminance needs it, switch on the second circuit, and both are dimmed at the external light level. The same for the others reinforcement circuits.
The luminaries installed have bodies in light steel alloy and the pertinent feeding electromagnetic units are external, arranged in special protected envelopes. They are equipped with metal halide lamps (white tonality light, 3000K) having powers of 150, 250 and 400W.
To light up the road carpet there are 61 permanent operating devices (150W) and for the pavements 112-2 groups of 56 (150W). The most powerful projectors have been utilized for reinforcement; at the beginning all along a length on each side of 105 meters. Total number of projectors 285 for a rated power of 69.250 W (only the total power absorbed by the lamps).
The plant is equipped with an Intelux Range automatic regulation and voltage stabilization system. Three three-phase controllers have been installed to control the two pedestrian crossing and for the vehicle roadway, keeping, for security, the pavements lighting higher than the roadway one. The lighting reinforcement plant is equipped with five three-phase controllers. The first line reinforces the first stage of the two entries; while the others four operate only when the external increase or decrease lighting needs it. The control device is a three-phase with neutral for 400V voltage one, and it is housed in the feeding electric panel of the whole plant. The remote control of the luminous flux obtained by discharge lamps is to an optical sensor (silicon photocell) outside the tunnel, installed on a swinging support to aim the area for the luminance observation. 

The benefits

The different groups of luminaries for permanent and reinforcement lighting are controlled by reading the quantity of external light and by time programming. In this way, during scarce traffic, energy consumptions are limited and the inner tunnel lighting is adjusted to the day-light. The gradual lighting flux regulation, in this case, is the most suitable means to achieve the three basic aims:

  • safety and visual comfort during all the day, and in any weather conditions;
  • perfect lighting of the polychrome decorated walls;
  • reduction in consumptions related with the lamps life average.