Product news


The new versatile and scalable storage system for PV systems: Lithium batteries or Lead, priority loads, APP for monitoring and privileged loads option: all can be supplied after the first installation, even the same Edi Energy itself. Available now EDI STORAGE, the unit that allows to increase the capacity of the Lithium batteries to accumulate 4kWh or 5 kWh.

The range of LPL power line carrier modules has been renewed: insulated output and protection with 6Kv MOV 2018, Jan
LPR: GPS module on board (optional) 2018, Jan
EDI with WI-FI for inverter management via EDI Connect 2017, Dic
EDI connect: Android APP devoted to EDI PV inverters management 2017, Dec
LPR - Module for monitoring and dimming a single lamp with RF: 868MHz frequency and Lora protocol on demand 2017, Sep
EDI SMART: PV inverter for residential and low power installations 2017, Sep
LPR NEMA: Radio Frequency module for lamp monitoring and dimming with NEMA socket 2017, Sep
EDI ENERGY: storage by Reverberi 2017, Feb
LPR 65: optional bracket for external mounting on a pole or wall 2016, Aug
DIM / DIMmy: impulsive inputs for energy measure, through optical sensor applied to the supplier's energy meters 2016, Apr
LTM: sensor to measure luminance, traffic, meteo conditions 2016, Jan
New features on LPM module: astro clock, digital input for alarms, real time state for lamps, scenario controlled by DIM 2015, Sep
Virtual COM port on the LPL/R module: the radio network becomes open to all protocols 2015, Sep
Lighting points registry APP for the city or Rome 2015, Aug
LED lamp control module "LPC" with small dimensions and not isolated output. Added 6KV protection. 2015, Aug
RESTful Web Service in MaestroWeb, to integrate different systems with Maestro 2015, Aug
LPL/R and RM - Monitoring Module and Control Unit of LED light by using Radio Frequency 2014, Sep
APP Android for geo-referenced relief of lighting points and panels 2014, June
Integration of MaestroWeb in HyperLux® platform 2014, June
LED lamp control module "LPC" with small dimensions and not isolated output 2013, Dec
MaestroWeb 2013, Dec
LPB - Lamp Push Button 2012, Nov
SEC STPi 2012, Jul
New option to control point-to-point systems: LPC and LPL available with DALI output 2012, Jun
Remote control kit for Street Lighting 2012, Mar
LED lamp control module "LPL": new option with supply voltage chase 2010, Nov
LED lamp control module "LPL": new version equipped by opto-isolated 0-10V output signal 2010, July
LPM/C: stand-alone module for single lamp management and control 2010, June
L20 Luminance Sensor according CIE 88/04 2010, May