RAEE - Information to users

Pursuant to art. 26 of Italian Legislative Decree 14 March 2014, no. 49 "Implementation of Directive 2012/19 / EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment", the barred symbol placed on the equipment or on its packaging indicates that the product at the end of its useful life-cycle must be collected separately from the other urban waste.

The separate collection of the end-of-life equipment is organized and managed by the manufacturer. The user who wants to discard this equipment will be able to contact the manufacturer and follow his procedures for the separate collection of the end-of-life products, or he can choose independently an authorized management chain.

The proper differentiated collection and the consequent start of dismantled equipment for recycling, treatment and disposal compatible with the environment helps to avoid possible adverse effects on the environment and health, favoring reuse and / or recycling of materials that the equipment contains.

The abusive disposal of the product by the user implies the application of administrative sanctions according to Legislative Decree 152/2006.

Reverberi Enetec srl is registered to RAEE with the number: IT13100000008169.