Technical activities, innovation and reliability

Controlling energy expenditure without jeopardizing the quality of lighting results in immediately appreciable benefits. Revetec decided to invest in a research structure dedicated to the development of ambitious projects: the constant commitment of a skilled technical team gave birth to the products and to other accessories that complete the existing range, thus offering the best possible choice on markets worldwide.

Creating high technology products, reliable and easy to use: these are the guidelines of an activity which is repaying our efforts. Revetec actively supports the continuous improvements in lighting by participating to both Lighting Associations (AIDI, ASSIL) and Technical National (UNI, CEI) and International (CIE) Committees.

Technical activities, innovation and reliability Reverberi Enetec - Research and development

Revetec is well aware that the enhancement of a customer tailored partnership goes through a step-by-step support, based on making customers acquainted with the whole of information necessary to operate the control systems in the best possible way. Beginning from the design phase, performed by a technical staff of proved experience, up to beyond the fulfillment of project, Revetec customers can rely on the effectiveness of a sound after-sales technical service.