Opera Range
Remote control of lighting installations. Dimming monitoring of operating parameters, alarm detection up to the individual luminaire.
Maestro Range
A range of high level telemanagement software, showing 15 year of experience, adding a real value to the tools used by the technicians.
Prosensor Range
A range of smart sensor, to be used in the latest adaptive lighting installation: the best in term of safety and energy saving.
Smart 4 City
Cameras, wi-fi, totems, messages, electric vehicle charging and more: all that makes Smart your City, only 4 you.
Unico range
Street lighting according to standards and off grid supply: with UNICO today is possible.
Reverberi range
From some twenty years of esperience in the digital control of luminous flux, a range of centralized power controllers.
Intelux range
Controllers from the Intelux range are more suitable for situations which require more flexibility.
EDI, the PV inverter according to Revetec philosophy.