Edi Photovoltaic

EDI, the PV inverter according to Revetec philosophy.

“Constant product development and improvement are possible just through complete control of both specification and project details”.

Revetec applied to inverters this long lasting success philosophy, already used in the evolution of its series of power controllers and remote management systems and leading its range to develop as complete and efficient. As the historic technical team of Elettronica Reverberi designed the first static power controller, starting from the experience of public lighting plants, so Revetec is walking on the same path, establishing the whole design choices on ten-year experience of its own Photovoltaic Division team, as to design EDI inverter.

PV photovoltaic inverter EDI double MPPT for domestic and industrial plants

EDI designed in Italy

A project fully designed without delegating, by internal R&D team.

EDI: Efficiency, Design, Installation.

EDI is born with the aim to catch any sunray, to let the user understand the easy operation of the machine, to simplify both installation and commissioning.

EDI: in Smart configuration, ready for distributed energy storage.

The new generation of EDI is ready for energy storage, combining all concepts for both energy generation and distributed storage.

EDI transformer less inverter with double MPPT input: state of the art in energy conversion.

EDI is an inverter range built with transformer-less technology. This choice was made to grant best possible performance results along with both weight and dimensions reduction. Double MPPT input grants optimized use in every type of installation.

Natural cooling: “maintenance free” comes true.

Another distinctive element for EDI range is natural cooling that means no moving parts for forced ventilation. Removing all moving parts means, on the one hand, to avoid possible source of damages and, on the other hand, to avoid a cause of periodic
maintenance, owing to the cleaning of filters, essential as to avoid conversion efficiency falloff.

Fixing plate: Installation made easy.

EDI is equipped with a system of fixing and connection that guarantees maximum precision of mounting along with safety for the installer. The unit is supplied with an independent wall-mount fixing plate. EDI has to be hooked to the fixing plate just after mounting the the latter to the wall.

Energy saving and self-consumption: heating pumps connection feature.

EDI is equipped with a relays contact programmable in relation to output power. This feature can be used to maximize selfconsumption, in case of heating pumps existence.

EDI range: for both small and large domestic installations.

EDI range is dividing in two groups: one intended for small domestic installations and one for domestic installations of large dimensions. First EDI group is devoted to 1 kWp to 3.0 kWp installations; second group from 4 kWp to 6 kWp. Both inverter groups are conforming to CEI 0-21 standard.

EDI for small domestic installations: 4 PV modules are enough.

The new EDI series proves the attention that Revetec puts on domestic installations market, that is those of size between 1 kWp and 3.0 kWp. To install the smallest plant, just 4 PV modules are enough, connected in series to an EDI inverter.

EDI for small domestic installations: compactness.

With 0,029 m3, EDI is ranking as one of the most compact of TL inverters segment, featuring natural cooling.

EDI with WI-FI

As option, from now it is possible to insert the Wi-Fi inside the EDI inverter, to manage the inverters via the APP EDI CONNECT.