Maestro Range Lighting

Modern technologies allow effective tools for lighting plant management not limited to a simple supervision. Maestro range software is satisfying needs of users who want to manage and not only "remotely control" lighting plants and beyond.

ws schema A range of high level telemanagement software, showing 15 year of experience, adding a real value to the tools used by the technicians

Maestro 2.0 software
Maestro is having, since years, a recognized name in the world of public lighting and more. Hundreds of users satisfied with their own suggestions helped to improve practical and innovative functions, contributing to the growth of the product.
Maestro, within its fifteen years of constant development, has been made more useful, more powerful, more “tailor made” on the real needs of final user.

MaestroWeb web represents frontend interface of Maestro software. Without Maestro, MaestroWeb cannot exist. All features are available on a normal web browser: user can operate from any PC with an internet connection (if web server is public) or from any PC connected to the corporate network/intranet (if web server is on a private network).
Maestroweb can be used either as a tool for publishing data managed by Maestro to the customer or to represent a valid alternative to the client version of Maestro, where user prefers to see only most important features by means of simplified operating methods.

APP Hyperdroid for Data Entry
One of the basic requirements for both municipalities and service companies managing public lighting systems, is to know the plants’ “actual status”: few operators precisely know how many, which and where are their own lighting points.
Hyperdroid was born to facilitate work of operator while running survey of public lighting plants up-to-date situation: to anyone who has this need, Hyperdroid responds with advantages of technology.

Web Service
In order to meet several needs of interfacing and open data sharing, within MaestroWeb a powerful Web Service under REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture has been developed. Different software of various types and different goals, may easily dialog with Maestro, gathering information, either entering new data or editing existing data.


Some of our applications