Prosensor Range Lighting

The Prosensor products make intelligent the lighting: from a simple light sensors, to Veil luminance sensors for tunnels up to the real adaptive lighting, the advanced technology that fully implements the concept of Smart Lighting.

Prosensor adaptive lighting, smart lighting, street lighting control system

What is the adaptive street lighting

The UNI 11248 specifies:
"Real-time Lighting control (Adaptive lighting): lighting control in which the controlled variations in a period  of luminance or illuminance are continuously implemented in accordance to the  current conditions of the parameters  influencing the variation such as the traffic flow, the type of traffic and/or weather conditions."

The text reproduces what specified in the technical report CEN / TR 13201-1 Road lighting - Part 1: Guidelines on selection of lighting classes.
Basically it’s a street lighting regulation method based on real-time control of traffic, but also the weather conditions (which greatly affect the driver's ability to identify obstacles, think of the fog), and also taking into account the current performance of the lighting system (the true luminance present at that time).


Some of our applications