Smart 4 City Lighting

Smart Cities - Scenario and vision
Today 78% of European citizens live in cities, and 85% of the global GDP is generated in cities. Many cities are forerunners in the much-needed transition towards a low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy. Cities are central to delivering on key challenges for society and economy: jobs, growth and investment, innovation, energy- efficiency, low-carbon development and CO2 - reduction - to name a few.
Cities have to turn into “Smart”.
A Smart City is a place where all the essential processes and power of social life are read, thanks to technologies, in order to radically improve quality of life, opportunity prosperity, both social and economic development.

Why smart cities and communities?
Advantages of a “Smart City” approach are numerous:

  • improved live quality of the individual
  • increased attractiveness and competitiveness of the area
  • simplified work for enterprises
  • new opportunities to generate both economic and social development
  • increased level of participation of individuals in political and cultural life of the area.

Linking and upgrading infrastructures, technologies and services in key urban sectors (transport, buildings, energy, ICT) in a smart way will generate a fast growing market, estimated globally to be worth €1.3 trillion in 2020. A great export market for European business.

“Smart” Challenges
A city is “Smart”, when savings and investments in traditional infrastructure (transport) and innovative (information technology), related to the human and social capital, are ensuring sustainable economic growth and a high life standard, a wise management of natural resources, through the citizens’ commitment and action.
Smart City model is based on efficiency concept, depending on:

  • Public process management-oriented (planning, monitoring, verification),
  • Technological infrastructure integration (i.e. Public lighting and Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • Active participation of citizens in “smart” process (market surveys, proposing initiatives, etc.).

“Smart” model adoped in UE program “Horizon 2020” represents a new guideline for public projects in both urban redevelopment and new technology integartion suggests that Smart Cities can be identified according to six main axes:

  • smart economy
  • smart mobility
  • smart environment
  • smart citizens
  • smart life
  • smart governance

In this context the contribution of Revetec is decisive, first of all, since its foundation, though an open devotion to sustainable economy standards and, operationally, in placing its own “platform technology” at the service of municipalities, ESCO, integrators and design studies, allowing a physical integration of typical Smart City applications.

A “Smart City” development involves different operating levels:

  • define city objectives on the medium-long period
  • develop enabling infrastructure such as, in example, wireless broadband networks and fixed networks of environmental sensors, smart grids
  • enable intelligent and extensive both information and services exchange through standard application creation in cooperation between public and private
  • establish a governance process for the development of Smart City, involving both public and private actors operating within the area
  • promote application and service development coherent with the objectives and governance of the Smart City.

Many innovative solutions require both new business models and financing solutions for decreasing risk.
Since demand for better infrastructures and services is high and still increasing but public budget is under pressure, knowledge needs to be shared effectively and capacities developed efficiently.

Revetec and Smart4City range

Revetec is partner of ESCOs, installers, project studios and public administrations, by supplying its own technologies, solutions and services to support new hi-tech challenges, such as Smart City, Smart Grid, and Smart Lighting: a range of smart devices enabling public lighting networks management, urban connected information networks and renewables’ full integration within the electrical grid. Mission of Revetec leads to add value and content to the general concept of Smart City, seizing the real needs of citizens through efficient and really applicable projects.
Definition of Smart City is often overexposed and associated to theoretical infrastructure often in lack of practical implementation nor applicability to the territory.

The need is to create integrated platforms that, starting from public lighting, extends services offered to citizens (public lighting remote management, video surveillance, electric vehicles charging stations, internet access in public areas, etc.).

Cameras, wi-fi, totems, messages, electric vehicle charging and more: all that makes Smart your City, only 4 you.


Revetec proposes its Opera products range either making “Smart” existing public lighting infrastructure, or creating new projects where impact of economic environment is reduced.
Devices specially designed by Revetec R&D, find their perfect location in the Smart City technological domains. “Smart 4 City” means precisely: make it possible and real both infratructure integration and adoption of value-added services for the intelligent city (ie. Energy efficiency of the IP network along with integration of Wi-Fi hotspot).

Some of our applications