AD - Supplementary energy saving device
AD - Supplementary energy saving device for power controllers and HG lamps

The mercury vapour lamps (MV) might work improperly beyond half of their life if voltage is reduced to less than 190V. The AD supplementary energy saving device allows the minimum operating voltage
to be decreased by more than 10V, thus improving the energy savings obtained with the SEC STPi power controller while amortizing the initial purchase cost of the power controller itself in a shorter time.

The best benefits are achieved in all mixed plants, in which the minimum supply voltage of just a few MV lamps is affecting the total performances of the power controller. The above described conditions may as well apply to either low pressure sodium lamps and high pressure sodium lamps fed by HG ballasts.

The class II insulation and the reduced size (43x37x37 mm) make it possible to install the AD device inside whatever individual luminaire, in class II plants as well, without affecting the insulation degree thereof.