Intelux NG - Compact power controllers Power controller for public lighting
Compact power controller NCWI technology Intelux NG

With the new Source Controller Intelux NG of Revetec, Energy Saving has become very easy.
Intelux NG can control compensated (HPF) as well as uncompensated (LPF) luminaires. Virtually all gas discharge lamps can be dimmed in a range of about 100-40% of luminous flux.
Some 20 years of experience in the dimming of discharge lamps have yielded in a technological brake-through! The use of the latest IGBT technology in connection with modern microprocessor technology is opening new possibilities in industrial and commercial lighting control and lighting management. The new technology is as well suitable for small installations where a good payback is achieved.

Power and size
Type Current Apparent Power Power (°) Dimensions (WxHxD)
NG 1 6 A 1.3 kVA 1.2 Kw 120x205x220 mm
NG 2 10 A 2.3 kVA 2.1 Kw 120x205x220 mm
NG 3 16 A 3.7 kVA 3.3 Kw 120x205x220 mm
NG 5 25 A 5.7 kVA 5.1 Kw 140x235x250 mm
NG 11 45 A 10.3 kVA 9.3 Kw 280x235x250 mm

Now you can DESIGN without restraint or limitations: Intelux NG is versatile and it easily fits both new and retrofit projects.Some Benefits

  • The INSTALLATION is simple. Intelux NG can be installed through your electrician.
  • Intelux NG is COMMISSIONING itself automatically, Intelux NG adjusts itself to the load connected.
  • Intelux NG can be REMOTE CONTROLLED, all electrical parameters are measured (V, I, P, cos) and all functions are checked on-line and communicated.
  • Intelux NG is a STABILIZER with SOFT START. The lamps last up to two times longer.
The Technology

A.W.I.(Adaptive Waveform Intersection) Technology® with solid state devices (IGBT), is the "heart" of the Intelux NG Source Controller.

A.W.I. is the continuation of the N.C.W.I. (Non-Critical Waveform Intersection), Technology which has been developed by Intelux in Switzerland in the 80's. The new technique can be applied to HPF and LPF load.

Total Control of Lighting

Control is achieved:

  • Through Analog Input 0-10V / 1-10V / 4-20mA DC.
  • With a photocell for constant light reference.
  • With Remote Control via serial port and central control unit (CCU) LIT® with the possibility of the connection of a modem (GSM or cable).
  • With 2 voltage free contacts 4 discrete lighting levels can be set.

The MAESTRO software has been designed as the interface between Intelux NG and the operator. MAESTRO is installed on a PC and communicates to Intelux NG either locally or remotely.