Intelux SC - Compact power controllers Light controller for inductive loads
Intelux SC inductive loads controllers reverberi enetec

The 'SC' are the old generation Intelux controllers, very cheap, used to control till to -90% the SAP lamps.
The SC controllers are greatly used in reinforcement circuits in tunnels and have a great number of references, particularly in Switzerland and Germany.
To adjust the SC to the new needs and to the RoHS rules (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment), UE Rule, valid since 1st January 2007, limiting the utilization of six dangerous substances, we have re-planned the whole electronic part.
In addition it has been guaranteed the retro-compatibility with the other 50.000 installed equipments during the last 20 years, in order to meet the needs of the users of Intelux plants during the '80s years.

Intelux SC operates in a fully electronic mode; based on the N.C.W.I. technology, the supply voltage value is dimmed without significantly altering the peak value.
The sinusoidal voltage waveform is first cut, then mains voltage value is restored in a few milliseconds.
The luminous flux is thus reduced in a continuous and gradual mode.

The lamp will not turn off even if mains voltage suddenly drops.
The controller is also provided with a special soft-start circuit that dims the lamps inrush starting current. This is particularly useful for all incandescent and halogen lamps in which inrush starting current is even 15 times as big as rated current and as such may considerably reduce lamp life itself.

Choosing the suitable Intelux SC
Model Dimensions (mm) (LxHxP) Weight (Kg) Current (A) Power (KVA)
1K.0.XXX 120x160x95 1,3 4,5 1
2K.3.XXX 120x160x95 1,3 10 2,3
3K.7.XXX 120x174x120 2,2 16 3,7
5K.8.XXX 120x174x120 2,2 25 5,8
10K.3.XXX 330x100x154 4,1 45 10,3