LPR-Z – Monitoring and regulation module for the single RF light point with Zhaga connector Narrowband mesh network management with radio signal
Zhaga Lumawise Tyco for remote control radio single lighting point

The LPR-Z module is a single light point telemanagement in radio-frequency, built for public lighting plants that use Zhaga 4-pin connector.
As others Opera modules, it is able to perform telemetry, remote diagnostics and remote control of the device. In a Lumawise case, it can be combined with luminaries equipped with a dimmable electronic power supply Zhaga 1.0 standard-compliant.

It has an embedded digital luxmeter with a 0.1 Lux resolution and a temperature probe.
The communication technology is RF 868 Mhz LoRa or 2.4 GHz IEE 802.15.4; the protocol is RV3, with AES128 encryption.
The driver control is made with DALI 2.0 Full bus. The maximum communication range in open field is about 3000 mt.

It also includes the possibility of integration for operation in conveyed waves.
The communication system is a Mesh RV3 open type in both directions, without any HOP restriction, suitable to manage 400 devices on the same radio (expandable up to 980 after technical verification by Revetec), developed to simplify the commissioning without pre-configuration of the radio network.

Available options: geolocation, astronomical clock, inclinometer and twilight switch.

The working modes are:

  • ON – OFF – DIM
  • ON – OFF – STANDALONE with an integrated astronomic clock
  • ON – OFF with hysteresis and luminance thresholds
  • DIM with virtual midnight